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Inside the Swinging
Backyard Pool Parties
of Tinseltown

Looking for a place to kick back outside of the spotlight, celebrities such as Steve McQueen, Christopher Jones, Michael Douglas, Sharon Tate, Mia Farrow, and others have been spotted rubbing elbows at Beverly Hills get-togethers for sexy, hazy nights outside of the public eye.

Our photographer recently got a coveted front row seat to one of these parties, and was able to capture what some of Hollywood’s biggest stars are up to on their days off.

Hollywood Nights - 1
Hollywood Nights - 2

Things get wet and wild as the glamourous Hollywood elite shake their stuff at an undisclosed backyard dance party.

Hollywood Nights - 3
Hollywood Nights - 4
Hollywood Nights - 5

Got a light? It seems like something out of the movies, but the way the stars unwind is just as flashy as what you see on the big screen.

Hollywood Nights - 6
Hollywood Nights - 7
Hollywood Nights - 8