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of 7/26/1969


Pineapple? On a burger? It may sound crazy, but that’s just famous Aloha Style!


No Substitution

Experience a taste of island living. Enjoy a Big Kahuna Burger!


The Vogue Theater
The Night They Raided Minsky’s
1:30pm 4:15pm 7:00pm

The Vine
Romeo and Juliet
11:50am 2:55pm 4:20pm

Pussycat Theater
Double Feature: Babette/The Turn On

Grauman’s Chinese
They Came to Rob Las Vegas
1:00pm 4:00pm 7:15pm

dog food

Being man’s best friend doesn’t mean your dog needs to lose its killer instinct. Give them a taste of the hunt with new Wolf’s Tooth dog food, now with rat and possum flavor. It’s a great source of Vitamin D!

Good Food for Mean Dogs

Spahn Movie Ranch
Horseback Tour

Howdy partner! Come on down to Spahn Movie Ranch, 55 acres of beautiful scenery and mountainous terrain which has been featured in episodes of Bonanza and Bounty Law, as well as Howard Hughes’ The Outlaw.

(555) 335 - 3433

Call now!



“I’ll take my music, to go!”

The sound of a home stereo in your car or on the go! Vinyl is out, 8-track is in! Stop by any Hot Waxx record store to experience 8-track today!

No more needle, no more turntable, the future is on tape!

Want to
feel like
a star?

Step into the world of Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood by traveling down the world famous Sunset strip!

From July 1-28 experience 1969 in all its groovy glory from the Aquarius Theater to the Whisky a Go Go.


Not getting those parts you wanted? Having trouble nailing the audition? It may not be your fault!

Sometimes a good headshot makes all the difference when casting is looking for someone with that special “star quality”.

Harry’s customers have appeared on Bounty Law, My Three Sons And even Hogan’s Heroes!

Book an appointment today and tell Harry to “Aim for the head!”

Starting at $1 per print


Previous roommate had a rough pilot season and is moving home. Need a clean, friendly roommate who can double as a scene partner. Must be ok with pet snakes.

Call for details, ask for
Wildflower: (555)-7734


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