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$50 for
a Haircut?

It’s Not as Crazy as it Sounds...

Would you pay $50 for a haircut?

A “who’s who” of Hollywood celebrities have flocked to Jay Sebring’s salon for haircuts ranging from $25 to almost $50. Stars like Henry Fonda, Steve Allen, Frank Sinatra, and more have visited Sebring’s LA establishment for what is becoming the new hit style for men’s hair.

Haircut - 1

The “Sebring Cut” Artist's Rendition

Haircut - 2

What is “Sebring’s Secret”? Well, for starters you won’t find brylcreem in his establishment. The days of the pompadour are out, and hairspray and blow dryers are in. Want that Hollywood look? You might want to borrow some of your wife’s hairspray and give it a try!